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Nickelback Sucks Monkey Ass

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all labeled n'shit

all labeled n'shit

 Every Nickelback song sounds exactly the same. Nickelback sounds exactly like Theory of a Deadman, Third Eye Blind, Three Doors Down and Creed. Nickelback has no talent and Nickelback fans should be sterilized to keep them from mating. Everytime I hear a Nickelback song, I want rip off my ears and eat them. Every Nickelback song is like being bukkaked in awful music. They pretend to be angst-y and depressed even though they are all millionaires.

The average Nickelback fan is either a douchebag frat boy who wants blasts Nickelback songs from their stupid looking jeeps while trying to look cool for a sorority slut, or a sorority slut. Sometimes they’re fucking retarded middle-schoolers, but most of the time they fall into the frat douche/sorority slut area. These are the dumbest people of earth. Every time a Nickelback album is released there is a big spike in their mating habits. Nickelback should be captured and deported back to Canada, or to Mexico. Preferably in the middle of one of those drug war battles.

Fuck you Nickelback, GTFO my radio.


Kurt Kobain was a Talentless Fucker, Now He’s a Dead Fucker

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This is Kurt Cobain.

Utterly talentless

Utterly talentless

He is dead. Let him stay dead. I fucking hate it when I turn on my radio and hear “Smells Like Teen Spirit” or “Rape Me” be droned out by this talentless nutsack. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” sounds like a lobotomized cocaine addict trying to show off on kareoke night at some sleazy bar. It has no lyrical merit at all. It’s just mindless words that occasionally rhyme. If you think think there is any musical talent behind “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, GO DRINK BLEACH!

Kurt Kobain died 15 years ago on April 4. Why is his shit still on the radio? I have a feeling that it only is because he is dead. If Kobain was alive today he would have been forgotten about by now. I propose a new holiday. Anual Kurt Cobain is dead day. On Kurt Cobain is dead day, everyone will go listen to good music and be grateful that Kurt Cobain isn’t around to make new shit.

The Beatles Really Piss Me Off!

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I can’t stress how much I hate the Beatles. There is not a single redeaming quality to this monsterous noise claiming to be music. There has never been a more over-rated band in history. These retard magnets make elvis look awesome. Every time I hear a Beatles song playing somewhere it makes me want to strangle myself to death with my bare hands in rage.


“Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” has to be the worst thing which can be attributed to humanity. The holocaust was pretty terrible, but it pales in comparison to this shit-factory of a song.


Even the name Beatles pisses me off. It’s a stupid pun. Puns are cancer to the english language. Every time you use a pun, you are making the tumor that is killing english a little bigger. Beatles fans make me angry too. Upon discovering that sombody likes the Beatles, I think that they should be banished from civilization. We should evacuate Australia and make everyone who likes the Beatles live there. Then we should erase all traces of them from history so that I’ll never have to hear some strung out drugged up moron screech playing in elevators in otherwise perfectly cool buildings.

Additionallly, John Lennon was an evil reptilian alien from the planet Splurg. He was working actively to bring about the New World Order via really bad music.


Listening to the Beatles will turn you into Super-retard.

Nyuuuuuh, AWAY!

Nyuuuuuh, AWAY!