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Earth Hour is Stupid

Posted in Outdoors, Politics with tags , , , , , , , , , , , , , on March 30, 2009 by thingsthatreallypissmeoff

A couple of days ago, a bunch of people turned off their lights for an hour and then patted themselves on the back for helping to save the planet….

Earthday didn't seem to change much

Earthday didn't seem to change much


Before I start, I don’t want anyone to get me wrong, I’m not trying to keep people from trying to conserve resources. I’m not trying to discourage people being eco-friendly. I’m not even trying to discourage people from participating in Earth Hour. What I am trying to discourage is people participating in Earth Day and thinking that magically fixes everything. Earth Hour is a novelty and really nothing else. It makes very little impact and no difference on climate change.


Earth Hour is a nice concept, but I am against Earth Hour because it it gives many people a false sense of doing something to help solve the climate change problem. People need to acknowledge that in order to make a real impact, most of the population of earth is going to have to make some lifestyle changes. I’ve compiled what I feel is a pretty nice list.


1. Eat less meat.

U.N. studies have shown that the number one producer of greenhouse gasses is not transportation, it is livestock being raised to become meat. Livestock are responsible for 80% of the greenhouse gasses produced. If everyone on earth decided to eat meat half as often, emissions would be reduced 40% globally.


2. Drive less

If you’re going somewhere within two miles and time is not a concern and the weather is nice, just walk.


3. Don’t use overhead lights

Open a window. When it is dark, go to sleep or use something which is self-lighting like a laptop.


I realize that this is a break in my usual style of blogging, typically I would have been angry and obscenity filled, but this time I did not feel the need as I think that the Earth Hour people have their hearts in the right place. I just think that they are unintentionally misguiding people.


Lawn Gnomes Really Piss Me Off

Posted in Outdoors with tags , , , , , on February 1, 2009 by thingsthatreallypissmeoff
Smug bastard

Smug bastard

How can anybody look at one of these and not get pissed off?

Lawn gnomes look like cheap ceramic Christmas decorations and it is like some sort of sick joke that they are left out all year. I have never met a person who owned a lawn gnome who didn’t send out evil child molestor vibes across the universe.