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Can We Nuke Pakistan Now?

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Today some western news agencies recieved a phone call from a Taliban leader named Baitullah Mehsud in Pakistan. He said that he was going to launch an attack on the US which would “amaze everyone in the world”. He then swore alliance with the Taliban in Afganistan. Terrorists are making phone calls to taunt us and threaten us and giving away their location in the process. This brings me to my next question.

Can we nuke Pakistan now? How about Afganistan? 

What stops us from tracing the phone call and stuffing a thermonuclear suprise up Baitullah Mehsud’s ass? It’s called a nuclear deterent for a reason, why don’t we actually use it to deter someone? I have a hard time imagining that any other terrorists would want to attack us after seeing that our counter-attack consists of vaporizing everything they’ve ever known or loved in a huge nuclear fireball. We have the worlds largest thermonuclear arsenal and we should act like it.

It is senseless for us to send in our soldiers to fight and die on the ground when the man in the whitehouse can push a button and erase any trace that our enemies even existed. If there is an attack on the US, I hope we go to the nuclear option immediately. I hope that millions of civilians are killed, either by the blast or by the radiation. I hope that the who country is irradiated for the next 400 years. I hope little Pakistani kids get birth defects from the radiation. I hope we spray the survivors with Agent Orange. I hope it stands as an example to the rest of the planet about what happens when you shed blood on American soil. It will not be war, it will be PEST CONTROL.

Fuck Baitullah Mehsud, fuck Pakistan, fuck Islam, fuck Mohammad, fuck the Taliban and fuck everyone who wants to attack the U.S.

I admit, the U.S. policy for the last eight years has been criminally insane, and I understand why some third world countries would be pissed that we have been using them as our personal toilet for the last 8 years. However, I do not think anything has been done to merit attack on the U.S. I do not think anything has been done, that we cannot repay. Right now we have 5,500 ICBMs with nuclear warheads on them. If Baitullah Mehsud carries out his attack, Pakistan should taste about half of them.


Pissy One-Issue Catholics are Fucking Stupid

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Barack Obama, the first breath of relief granted to America, the light which is bringing us out of the fucked up world that the neocons created with eight years of Bush was invited to speak at Notre Dame.

Barack Obama is 9/10 awesome, but 1/10 nonsense

Barack Obama is 9/10 awesome, but 1/10 nonsense

The majority of people close to Notre Dame are happy about this, as they should be. However, there is a radical and retarded voice which is opposing the visit from Barack Obama. This voice belongs to radical, retarded right-wing catholics. They’re the pissy one-issue voter types who would, during the election, admit that Obama would probably be a better president than John McCain but then turn around and say that they were voting McCain/Palin because McCain/Palin held the same 13th century view on abortion that they did. The nonsensical moral imperitive that an unthinking blob of cells is equivalent to or worth more than a human being and must be defended at all costs. These were the people who clapped when they heard Sarah-fucktard-Palin state that she thought that abortions should be banned even in the case of rape or incest. Now they don’t want the president to speak at a graduation ceremony because he overturned the measures which Bush put in place to retard science and because he doesn’t have a retrogressive moral imperitive which he wants to impose on the country. Obama is smart enough to know that these sort of things must be taken on a case-by-case basis and that really pisses off dogmatic catholics. These whiney bitches don’t want to have to think or to evaluate things, they want to apply the same moral certainty to everything no matter what the cost is to other people. They have a dystopian idea of how the world should work and they want to see it in place no matter who suffers.


Fuck you Catholics, and fuck you Catholicism. Go back to the dark ages where you belong.

Texas is a Stupid Place Full of Stupid People

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This is Leo Berman.



Leo Berman is a Republican from Texas, a member of the religious-right and if you haven’t already guessed, he is a retard. Why is Leo Berman a retard you ask? Because he is trying to get a bill passed in Texas which would allow the Institute for Creation Research to grant degrees without meeting the degree granting criteria for the state. This of course makes degrees from Texas worthless. He wants to do this becase he thinks that Creationism should be considered a serious scientific discipline and everybody who isn’t a retard disagrees with him.

ICR is being pissy that their fake degrees in things like “Biblical Worldview” and “Creation Research” are being recognized and called out for being fake degrees. Instead of raising their programs to meet existing standards they want to subvert the standards to have their bullshit count as science. The could probably just concede and have these fake degrees go down as being degrees in philosophy, but they don’t want that. They want to piggyback on the credibility of science to brainwash people. I can’t count how many people I’ve heard assert that creationism has been “expelled” from academia. I’ve heard many others claim that it wasn’t expelled, it flunked. In truth, I think both are wrong. I don’t think it has even enrolled.

All of this comes from the Lone Star state while they are still debating about including “strengths and weaknesses” of the theory of evolution in their science textbooks. I’d be fine with “strengths and weaknesses” if they actually came up with some. I’ve read the list of “strengths and weaknesses” that the creationists want inserted and I immediately noticed one thing. THEY DIDN’T INCLUDE ANY STRENGTHS OR WEAKNESSES. The list is entirely bullshit creationist propaganda. It contains no strengths and all of the weaknesses are stupid things unrelated to the Theory of Evolution. One of them said something like “Evolution can’t account for human morality.”. This statement alone is debatable. Morality makes sense from an evolutionary standpoint because a society which destroys itsself is not a successful society. However, this is beside the point. The point is, the list is just creationist bullshit.

Another item on the list stated that “Evoultion cannot account for the origin of life.”. The origin of life has nothing to do with the Theory of Evolution. It makes no comment on how life came into existence. Complaining that it can’t account for the existence of life is as stupid as claiming that the Theory of Gravity is invalid because it can’t account for the origin of life. It makes no fucking sense.

Why are creationists so stupid?

Islam and the European Union Piss Me Off!

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Why does Islam piss me off?

It pisses me off because it is like a vine which crawls up the tree of indiginous culture and strangles it to death. The Europeans are told to feel ashamed that they are european. They are called heathens, told that their life-styles are filthy and that they are morally degenerate. However, the second the Europeans criticize Islam back, they are accused of being racists and Islamophobes. Islam likes to dish out criticism, but cries and screams persecution when criticism is returned.


Why does the EU piss me off?

Because the whole content is doing it’s best to prostrate itsself towards Mecca and become an Islamic theocracy. Religion has no part in politics. A religion which advocates slaughtering people who dissent has no place in humanity.

Geert Wilders is getting prosecuted, basically just for criticizing Islam. He made a documentary about islamic hatespeech called “Fitna” and is ironically going to be prosecuted for hatespeech. Geert Wilders is under 24 hour protection to keep from being violently murdered by members of “The religion of peace” yet he is the criminal?

To make things even nastier, he was scheduled to visit the British House of Lords to screen “Fitna” and talk to members of parliment there. However a supreme muslim douchbag and negligent murderer (He caused a man’s death because he felt the need to send a text message while driving) named “Lord” Ahmed threatened to bring 10k muslims to the House of Lords to “demonstrate” against Geert Wilders. The House of Lords promptly apologized and canceled Wilders’ visit.

Obviously, The House of Lords was not scared of a peaceful demonstration. They caved because the demonstration was basically the threat to gather up an army of 10k against the House of Lords. You know what people who scare people into doing what they want are called?


Ahmed, like Osama but really fat

Ahmed, like Osama but really fat

People like douche-fuck-fat-sack-man-tits-Ahmed need to realize that western values are the reason the west is vastly more successful than the middle east. When they disappear, we will be just a backwards as Pakistan or Iran. Critisizing any ideaology should not be taboo. Censorship stifles good ideas in favor of protecting bad ones. It retards civilization. People like dickhead Ahmed would love to see their barbaric religion drag humanity back into the fourteenth century.