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Republicans are Stupid I

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Obama called neocons out on their bullshit earlier by pointing out that they didn’t have an alternate budget. They then created one. It’s a joke that nobody is laughing at. All the GOP’s budget proposal is, is tax cuts for everyone and a spending freeze to keep everything but military spending at it’s current level for the next five years. There original budget had no numbers, no spending and no deficit projections.

It obviously got laughted at. Proposing a budget without actually proposing a budget is fucking retarded. They were once again called out on their bullshit and responded by redoing their budget with numbers. It supplies major tax cuts for anyone and projects a continuing budget of 500 billion a year. It has no way to pay off the debt, no way to decrease the budget and would probably cause an economic collapse within a decade.

Why are Republicans so dumb?!? Seriously, I WANT A TWO PARTY SYSTEM WHERE NEITHER PARTY IS DOMINATED BY RETARDS!!! Obama’s budget might not be perfect, it might not even be good, but atleast it shows promise of fixing the problem. The Republican strategy seems to be to pretend that there isn’t a problem and continue until the problem becomes fatal. Kind of like someone who is eating food laced with cyanide, and knows that the food is laced with cyanide. The Republican budget is economic suicide and doesn’t make any sense.

Ronald Reagan is the one who started this fiscal irresponsibility bullshit. He’s the one who convinced the GOP that the solution to everything is cutting taxes, giving the military more money and ignoring the deficit. He was the first big government conservative and it almost solely to blame for this bullshit mentality.


The Stimulus Bill Really Pisses Me Off

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I have no idea what the reasoning behind the bill was. I think the democrat party just had a stupid moment. Upon seeing that statement, don’t assume I’m a Rush-Limbaugh-tarded neocon. Neocons piss me off and will probably be targeted in a later article.

Limbaugh = Shit

Limbaugh = Shit

Here is my big problem with the stimulus package though, if we have a trillion dollars, and we are ten trillion in the hole, why give the trillion dollars to random people so that they can buy stuff? Why not take the trillion dollars and use it to directly pay off 10% of our national debt?

Interest on our national debt is the second largest expense of the United States government. The only thing we waste more money on is our gigantic world-domination-super-overpowered for national defense army. What reasoning exists to support the idea that giving a trillion dollars out at random will help us get out of debt? We are in economic crunch  time and contrary to what a lot of political pundents like to expouse, the solution is simple. Use money to pay off the debt, rather than using the money for pointless things.

We should stop using our money to fund pointless wars and abortions in random places and use it to pay off the national debt. Once we eliminate the debt, we eliminate the interest on the debt. That gets rid of our second largest expense which cures the defecit. After it is gone we can go back to aborting pregnancies in random countries and bombing third world nations.

As I said earlier, don’t get me wrong, I am all for people getting abortions if they want them. I am all for distributing condoms to help get rid of STDs. I could even get behind bombing a third world country, if we picked the right one. However, I am against all of these things when we are so far in debt. We need to get out of the hole before it collapses on top of use and we are burried.