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Gun Nuts are Hypocritical Pussies

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I am sick of hearing people bitch about the supposed “Obama gun ban”. Gun nuts are shitting themselves, buying up ammo and shooting the police all because ignorant fucktard wanker morons like Glenn Beck are trying to convince them that the big bad federal government is “stealing” their liberties. These nutless bastards don’t actually care about liberty, this is all partisan. Some inbred, retrogressive bible humping idiot isn’t in the whitehouse and they feel like throwing little gun nut temper tantrums. They’re like oversized babies with high powered assault weapons of doom.

Every gun nut I’ve seen likes to foam at the mouth and ramble incoherently about how if they don’t have guns, the government can take away their freedoms. They all pretend to be patriotic little heroes who wrap themselves in flags and eat breakfast with Jesus every morning. If you grill them really hard they’ll begin to rant about the constitution and ab0ut how democracy will somehow fall apart if they don’t have a fully automatic weapon which fires armor-piercing hollow-point bullets. If you keep at it, they just intensify their nonsensical flag waving tirade and use the phrase “REAL Americans” and they stress the “REAL” part, because they think that if you are opposed to a private citizen owning an H-bomb, that somehow you are a communist traitor. They also know that this sort of brute force rhetoric will either get people to sheepishly agree, or be silent.

In reality these gun nuts are hypocritical pussies who aren’t fooling anyone with half a brain capable of rational thought. They don’t give a flying fuck about freedom. When the Patriot Act was going through congress did these spineless pussies grow some backbone and try to stop it? Did they try to keep GWB from signing it? Of course they didn’t. They saluted their rebel flags and listened to Lynyrd Skynard while cleaning their goddamn rifles. They don’t care if you take their freedoms,  so long as you don’t touch their guns. They don’t want their guns to protect their freedoms or anybody else’s freedoms. They want their guns to protect their guns.

The only reason these spineless pussies want to have guns is so that they can feel what it’s like to have a cock. A gun is one of the most well known penis replacements and makes these morons feel like they have one. Fuck gun nuts, fuck the NRA, fuck Glenn Beck and Fuck the RNC.

Before gun nuts start posting bullshit on this blog like “If we outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have guns, nyuhurrr!!!” I ask them. If there is a chance that the “outlaws” have an H-bomb, does that make it any better an idea to start selling H-bombs to private citizens? How about vials of smallpox? If the outlaws can get some anthrax should I be allowed to carry around a vial in my jacket pocket? Should I be able to drive a fully loaded tank around? Do you see the lunacy now?

Before anybody spouts off some dumb bullshit about how their machine gun will keep the government from harassing them or taking them away, I invite you all to google Wacko Texas. There was a cult of religious nutjobs in Wacko stockpiling assault weapons. This garnered the ire of the government which rolled in the tanks, burned their compound to the ground and slaughtered 74 of them. Try thinking about that next time you argue that your pussy machinegun can defend you from the government.

I’ve read the constitution. I know about the second amendment. However, it needs to be reworded. 200+ years ago when it was written, the pinacle of guns was a muzzle loaded rifle which fired musketballs with terrible accuracy. The most terrifying weapon in the world was a cannon which fired grapeshot. Now it’s not hard for a private citizen to get a fully or semi-automatic weapon which accurately fires hollow-point ammunition and the scariest weapon on earth is a bomb which can erase a city from existence in a matter of seconds. The founders of this country were not morons, and had they forseen this probably would have made the 2nd amendment a little less ambiguous. I’m sure that George Washington wouldn’t have counted these devices of mass death as the “arms” which he wanted people to bear.


Islam and the European Union Piss Me Off!

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Why does Islam piss me off?

It pisses me off because it is like a vine which crawls up the tree of indiginous culture and strangles it to death. The Europeans are told to feel ashamed that they are european. They are called heathens, told that their life-styles are filthy and that they are morally degenerate. However, the second the Europeans criticize Islam back, they are accused of being racists and Islamophobes. Islam likes to dish out criticism, but cries and screams persecution when criticism is returned.


Why does the EU piss me off?

Because the whole content is doing it’s best to prostrate itsself towards Mecca and become an Islamic theocracy. Religion has no part in politics. A religion which advocates slaughtering people who dissent has no place in humanity.

Geert Wilders is getting prosecuted, basically just for criticizing Islam. He made a documentary about islamic hatespeech called “Fitna” and is ironically going to be prosecuted for hatespeech. Geert Wilders is under 24 hour protection to keep from being violently murdered by members of “The religion of peace” yet he is the criminal?

To make things even nastier, he was scheduled to visit the British House of Lords to screen “Fitna” and talk to members of parliment there. However a supreme muslim douchbag and negligent murderer (He caused a man’s death because he felt the need to send a text message while driving) named “Lord” Ahmed threatened to bring 10k muslims to the House of Lords to “demonstrate” against Geert Wilders. The House of Lords promptly apologized and canceled Wilders’ visit.

Obviously, The House of Lords was not scared of a peaceful demonstration. They caved because the demonstration was basically the threat to gather up an army of 10k against the House of Lords. You know what people who scare people into doing what they want are called?


Ahmed, like Osama but really fat

Ahmed, like Osama but really fat

People like douche-fuck-fat-sack-man-tits-Ahmed need to realize that western values are the reason the west is vastly more successful than the middle east. When they disappear, we will be just a backwards as Pakistan or Iran. Critisizing any ideaology should not be taboo. Censorship stifles good ideas in favor of protecting bad ones. It retards civilization. People like dickhead Ahmed would love to see their barbaric religion drag humanity back into the fourteenth century.