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John Shimkus is a Fucking Moron

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Watch the video and be terrified. John Shimkus is a dumb cunt and he has political power?!? The video supplied is a congressional hearing on global warming. After hearing a bunch of testimonies from scientists explaining how climate change works and what it is doing, John Shimkus gives his testimony.

Guess what this fuckwhit does, c’mon try to guess.

He starts out by trying to conflate not taking his religious bullshit with censorship, then he whips out a bible and starts reading the part where god promises that he won’t flood the world again. He then says that because he believes that the bible is the perfect infalliable word of god, that settles the global warming issue and that we shouldn’t worry about our inpact on the planet, because Jesus is going to destory the planet. He then goes on to quote revelation to and say that only god know when the world will end. He then states that there isn’t enough carbon in the atmosphere and says that there is a theological debate about wether or not this is a “carbon starved” planet.

What the fuck does theology have to do with reality? Now a single fucking thing! We live in reality, not some fairytale bullshit thought up by bronze age savages to explain away things which they were too fucking stupid to comprehend!


I’m now going to refute his argument with his own reasoning on a few grounds:

1. Lets say for a second that the bible isn’t an ancient book of bronze age bullshit. Lets take the enormous leap in reasoning and take it as the infalliable word of a deranged desert god. Even if you take it as literal and true, it says god won’t destroy the world via flooding again. It doesn’t say anything about god preventing humans from destroying the world.

2. In Revelation it says that nobody knows the day nor the hour that the world will end. The climate scientists have predicted neither a day nor an hour. That makes the Revelation reference a non sequitur, even if it is the literal word of god.

People who don’t care about the earth because they think Jesus is coming back to destroy it are morons. They should all go drink bleach and meet their imaginary god a little bit sooner.

I do not want to live in a one party country, but I can’t support republicans so long as they have people trumpeting this stupid bullshit. I can’t believe that they could say these retarded things and then not understand why they’re not getting elected. I would love to see some real Republican opposition to the Democratic leadership. I would like to see fresh ideas. However, fresh ideas aren’t going to come from this fuckhead and his Bible (or as I like to call it, old fasioned toilet paper). It really seems like all of the intelligent people are flocking to one political party though, and that party is NOT the Republican party.

John Shimkus is a fucking retard. If you live in his district, or you vote in his state. Send him some emails letting him know how much of a fucktard he is.


2012 End of the World Conspiracy Theorists are Fucking Stupid

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If you believe that the world is going to end in 2012, you’re a fucking moron. These people generally come in two flavors.

1. Retards who think that because the Mayan calendar ends at 2012, that’s when the world will end. These are generally the retarded new-ageish people who think that Nostradamus and Edgar Cayce predicted the future and that spirits are grooving around in some sort of mystical swirl on earth. These are the sort of people who spend more time meditating and reading books on Wicca than actually doing anything worthwhile.

Here’s the real reason why the calendar stops at 2012

 Yep, that's about it.

Yep, that's about it.

Just to show how fucking retarded the Mayan calendar bullshit is, lets consider the logic going into it for a second. The Mayans, were mystical enough to predict the end of the world, but not mystical enough to predict the end of their own civilization? Seriously, then end of the world came for the Mayans about 500 years ago. Shouldn’t that have been their end of the world or at least merited a place on their doom calendar? If you think the Mayans predicted the end of the world, go drink some fucking cyanide flavored Kool-Aid.

2. Christian retards who picked up the Mayan end of the world myth and decided thats when Jesus will return to destroy the world. These people are just as dumb, but far more irritating. From what I can tell, Christians are people who believe that life begins after you die in a magical sky kingdom with a magical giant named Yahweh. These people think that there will be a huge war which will cause Yahweh’s sun to descend upon the earth and kill us all. They get a little bit horny every time they think about the massive bloody conflict which they hope will end they world. They are usually uneducated fucktards and are of the same ilk as the retards who think that we shouldn’t worry about our impact on the planet because Jesus will come back and take everyone away.

These people are a plague on the world.

“9/11 Truthers” are Cultist Morons

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No plane, ur not a peepl, u cant be in teh towah
Torque generated by the impact would be more than enough to topple the tower.

Torque generated by the impact would be more than enough to topple the tower.

If you think that 9/11 was done by anyone other than a bunch of pissed off muslims, you are a retard. The 9/11 attack was broadcast live on television as it happened. The man who orchestrated the attacks sent out a video that basically amounted to him saying “Haha, I blew up your towers”. There were mountains of evidence that it was going to happen before it did, the incompetent neoconservative regime running America at the time just ignored it. An impact from a 7-47 jet liner is more than enough to destroy a building. 9/11 turthers are usually either neo-nazis, or fucking retarded inbred Ron Paul cultists.


I’ve heard three major arguments:


First: The U.S. government did it.

This is just stupid. I know that neocons are evil, however, I doubt they are smart enough to pull off what would be the largest deception in human history. If you think about the sheer number of people that would have to keep quiet, versus the instant fame and wealth these people would gain if they went to any major media outlet with their story, you can quickly see that it is impossible. If you want to argue that these people are being silenced by the government under penalty of death, that is also stupid because the sheer number of people the government would have to monitor would be impossibly large.


Second: The government let it happen.

This one is probably a lot closer to the truth. Neocons did let 9/11 happen, but it wasn’t for malicious reasons, it’s because they’re all fucking morons. Bush was briefed at his ranch that Al Quaeda was determined to attack the trade center with jetliners. He responded by saying “Ok you’ve covered your ass, you can leave now.” and sending the person who had briefed him away.


Third: Jews did it.

I usually hear this from neo-nazis and radical muslims. These people can be ignored on the grounds of foundational bias. Neo-nazis are not the a good source of information on Jews, neither are radical Muslims who would like to see all of them decapitated.

Pope Benedict XVI Should be Sodomized by an HIV Positive African Man With a Fifteen Inch Penis

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This is the pope, he is the biggest douche in the world.
The Biggest Douche in the World

The Biggest Douche in the World

Pope Been-a-dick should have everyone he’s ever known and loved rounded up into one area. Then he should be given a choice. He should be told that all of them are going to be brutaly sodomized by HIV positive African men with 15 inch cocks. He should then ask if he thinks that the sodomizers should wear condoms or not.
I bet I know his answer.
Douches like the pope should be ridiculed nonstop. This fuck-head is indirectly causing genocide in Africa by telling people not to defend themselves against the number one killer in their country because it offends his imaginary sky god Yahweh. I think he should be put  on trial for every AIDS death of someone who listened to his 13th century bullshit.

Islam and the European Union Piss Me Off!

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Why does Islam piss me off?

It pisses me off because it is like a vine which crawls up the tree of indiginous culture and strangles it to death. The Europeans are told to feel ashamed that they are european. They are called heathens, told that their life-styles are filthy and that they are morally degenerate. However, the second the Europeans criticize Islam back, they are accused of being racists and Islamophobes. Islam likes to dish out criticism, but cries and screams persecution when criticism is returned.


Why does the EU piss me off?

Because the whole content is doing it’s best to prostrate itsself towards Mecca and become an Islamic theocracy. Religion has no part in politics. A religion which advocates slaughtering people who dissent has no place in humanity.

Geert Wilders is getting prosecuted, basically just for criticizing Islam. He made a documentary about islamic hatespeech called “Fitna” and is ironically going to be prosecuted for hatespeech. Geert Wilders is under 24 hour protection to keep from being violently murdered by members of “The religion of peace” yet he is the criminal?

To make things even nastier, he was scheduled to visit the British House of Lords to screen “Fitna” and talk to members of parliment there. However a supreme muslim douchbag and negligent murderer (He caused a man’s death because he felt the need to send a text message while driving) named “Lord” Ahmed threatened to bring 10k muslims to the House of Lords to “demonstrate” against Geert Wilders. The House of Lords promptly apologized and canceled Wilders’ visit.

Obviously, The House of Lords was not scared of a peaceful demonstration. They caved because the demonstration was basically the threat to gather up an army of 10k against the House of Lords. You know what people who scare people into doing what they want are called?


Ahmed, like Osama but really fat

Ahmed, like Osama but really fat

People like douche-fuck-fat-sack-man-tits-Ahmed need to realize that western values are the reason the west is vastly more successful than the middle east. When they disappear, we will be just a backwards as Pakistan or Iran. Critisizing any ideaology should not be taboo. Censorship stifles good ideas in favor of protecting bad ones. It retards civilization. People like dickhead Ahmed would love to see their barbaric religion drag humanity back into the fourteenth century.

Religion Really Pisses Me Off

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Science flies you to the moon, religion flies you into buildings.

The fruits of faith

The fruits of faith

There is no redeeming quality of religion. It turns off empathy and blinds people to reason. It beings people to new pinnacles of evil. What does religion give us? Pain and bloodshed and death and subjegation and rediculous social beliefs and it retards science to boot.
Don’t think I’m just picking on Islam with the 9-11 reference. Every religion is evil. Catholicism is indirectly causing genocide in Africa. Before you dismiss me as a braindead conspiracy theorist, let me explain. In Africa, the number one killer of people is AIDS. The Catholic church is spreading cancerous propaganda in this area telling them that YHWH will be angry if they use condoms. This is genocidal stupidity.
Young Earth Creationists (YECs) work actively in the US to destroy science education. They work to jam mysticism and the occult into science classes is a concerted effort to destroy children’s ability to discren fact from bullshit. Luckily for the US, Kent Hovind is in jail. Hopefully Kirk Cameron, Ken Ham, Ray Comfort and Carl Baugh will join him.
Geert Wilders is going to be prosecuted for “Fitna”, this is religion trying to cripple free speech because religion cannot stand up to scrutiny. Censorship prevents the scrutiny of bad ideas and holds back good ones. Without censorship, reality demolished religion. Religion has failed morally, scientifically, socially and is now even failing spiritually.